California-based Destination Wedding Photographer

We wholeheartedly believe in capturing milestones in the most authentic and lighthearted way possible-
focusing on meaningful moments and genuine connection.

 We tailor to the joyful modern romantics by crafting painterly, light and refined images on film and digital mediums that tell your unique story and withstand the test of time so you can experience the nostalgia for years to come. 



EST. 2020


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... the second her mother zipped up the back of her wedding gown. In this moment, she was no longer the little girl twirling in front of her bedroom mirror dreaming of a white wedding gown; she was a radiant bride about to marry the love of her life. 

Anyone can take a photo, but not every photograph will evoke a sense of nostalgia allowing you to relive the exact moment over and over. That's where I come in!

My name is Ana Martynova, a published fine art hybrid Destination Wedding Photographer. I specialize in capturing authentic and sentimental moments on both film and digital mediums crafting fine art images that are as remarkable and special as the memories you want to freeze in time. I give all of my clients a sense of empowerment and confidence allowing you to be your true selves- even if that means breaking from traditions.

If you're looking for a Destination Wedding Photographer, or a photographer for wherever your wedding takes you, who is all about curating photographs that will take you back in time and remind you how you felt in that exact moment on some of the most meaningful days of your life- I'd love to connect with you!

A tear rolled down her cheek...

Hello there! I'm Ana. 

owner & lead photographer


My artistic approach to capturing your love story stems from the mindset that experiences such as exploring and traveling are better than inanimate objects. I believe that moments almost instantaneously turn into memories and that those memories, regardless if big or small- are priceless.

As a Destination Photographer and artist who is available for travel worldwide, I create refined, true to life, and authentic photographs that will serve as more than just memories to look back on. I use film and digital mediums to curate painterly yet timeless heirlooms that will be treasured for a lifetime and beyond. 

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- Bettina & Anthony

"First off, it’s clear that Anastasiya is a master at her craft. The photos came out beautifully because of her direction for posing, for styling, editing, etc. So if you want fabulous photos look no further for a photographer. I also think Anastasiya is such a gem of a human. She is kind, funny and we left the photoshoot wanting to also be her friend."