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You're invited to browse my journal for wedding inspiration, photography tips, personal travels, and anything and everything that brings me warmth and love!

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Hi, I'm Ana

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california-based fine art wedding photographer

You are likely here because you value your memories and milestones.
You want photographs that are intentional with aspects of visceral imagery- images that evoke emotion and make you feel something warm and romantic all while communicating something that cannot be spoken! 

Being a film photographer, I love the inspirational feeling that a film image provokes. It is artistic yet timeless and is an aesthetic that is hard to duplicate making your images unique from any other gallery. 
Each post in this blog was written with you in mind: to share inspirational weddings and memorable milestones, provide helpful tips, and teach you about the elegance and artful nature of hybrid photography. 

Grab a tea or coffee - you might be here for a little while.